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My family’s history is the key to my love for photography. From portraits of my Japanese American relative’s living through World War 2 internment camps, to my Filipino American relative’s portraits in the 30s, and even my father’s cardboard boxes filled with his family photographs, photography has clearly showed me more than words could ever describe. My father has always had cameras and boxes filled with photographs. I still remember the first time my parents showed me this magical cardboard box seeing memories of times way before I was born. I’m sure many of you may share a very similar memory. Being able to see so many moments through my father’s photography has come to mean so much more than I could imagine.



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Scott is our “go to” photographer! He has such a creative eye and can definitely capture a beautiful moment! We went to him for our maternity and newborn shoot and we were not at all disappointed! Taking pictures while your pregnant is definitely not the easiest … felt large, achy and definitely not picture ready. Scott was very efficient and made me feel comfortable. I was so happy how those pictures came out! They were exactly what I envisioned. He impressed us again when he took pictures of our newborn son. He was so patient and was able to capture gorgeous photos through fussiness, yawning , fidgeting, and sleeping. Those photos brought me to tears! I will always book Scott for all my photography needs… no doubt!
Angela Liava'a
Scott was very professional and prepared. Immediately after we scheduled my appointment, he let me know in great detail what to bring so that we could get the best and a variety of shots. For example, since mine was for business headshots, he suggested 4-5 tops that don’t distract from my face (no polka dots, plaid, or stripes), preferably solid colored tops, a hair tie, etc. He also coached me on how to position my face and body to capture the best angle during the session. The pictures turned out great! I like that we had different backdrops with different outfits too. Scott knew what backdrop color created the best contrast with what I was wearing. I would recommend him to anyone!
Mylynne Tran
Coming into the photoshoot, I had no idea of what to expect. I’ve never really done a true professional photoshoot session before and I felt somewhat nervous. I did not know anything about photography and all the equipment required to generate a quality photo. Being someone who has never done this, I felt awkward and slightly uncomfortable. During the shoot, through Scott’s guidance and direction I began to feel confident and comfortable in what I needed to be doing with my positioning and facial expressions. Once I received the photos, I was truly amazed at how the different angles, head positions, and the slightest movements in facial expressions made a difference in the way the pictures were presented. The photos turned out great and I definitely had a hard time choosing which photo to use for my LinkedIn page.
Bryan Burgonio
Coming in I felt eager. I had seen some of his previous work and was excited to see what would come from our session. During the shoot I became nervous about looking silly or lame but as soon as Scott started shooting and coaching things got a lot easier and he made me feel more and more comfortable. After I was given the photos I felt great! Even tho he had taken so many photos he was able to send me the digital copy of the final shots that same day! (Excellent turn around!) I proudly updated my Professional and Social media profiles with my new Scott Shot headshots and received great feedback from them.
Josh Mercado
Scott is awesome to work with. He did professional headshots for me and took the time to coach me in different poses so that I felt comfortable and confident. I really appreciated that he let me see the pictures at several times throughout the session to point out which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t care for. He listened to the things I didn’t like and also made suggestions to open me up to other things. My pictures came out great. They were professional and flattering, but still had a fun vibe to them. He has also done some pictures for our dance group and he has such a good eye and timing for action shots that they always come out looking amazing!
Alyssa Purificacion
Let me start off by saying that not only do I love Scott’s photography but I appreciate his professionalism as well. When he opened up bookings to take professional head shots, I made sure that I booked him right away. I was a bit nervous coming in for solo pictures because it was my first time taking head shots since my senior portrait in high school. Not even five minutes in, and Scott made me feel comfortable enough to take pictures by engaging in conversation. I didn’t feel awkward one bit. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he would describe the important elements that it takes to capture the perfect photo which I found very interesting. His set up was perfect and it made taking photos more efficient and quick. He made sure everything was perfect from the wrinkles on my shirt to my necklace and my hair. I like that he gave me plenty of options of pictures to choose from so that I could be satisfied instead of rushing it and leaving me unsatisfied with the shots. I then booked him for my boyfriend’s graduation shoot. Again, the shoot went very well. This time, it was an outdoor shoot. I must say that my boyfriend and I were impressed as he arrived to the school a couple hours in advance to pick out the perfect spots and backdrops for the photos. The photos turned out to be perfect and I was in complete awe at how good the angles of each photo were. I plan on booking Scott for all of my photography needs. I feel that his style of photography, professionalism, and understanding behind the photo itself, creates the best photos that will last a lifetime.
April Argana
Scott’s photos are the best! We’ve had two photoshoots with him, so far, and have not been disappointed. He captures special moments and puts his artistic touch on them. We look forward to continue having Scott capture our growing family’s milestones!
Anisa Pito
I’ve had a few photo shoots with Scott, and I have to say he can make you look good without feeling awkward. I am no model, and I hate posing in front of the camera but Scott helps you find your best angles. My portraits turned out great and it’s because he was able to direct me well. I’ll definitely have him be my photographer for many more years 🙂
Charisse Mendoza
Scott does some amazing work! I needed a photographer that I could trust to take good shots of a cake that I made to be submitted for a big collaboration. His work would essentially showcase my work, so they needed to be just right. I’ve seen Scott’s photographs so I knew he’d be the right person. I told him what I needed from my shots and he delivered exactly how I wanted. He knew how to work the light and which angles would be best to highlight the right details of my piece. Thanks Scott!
Abigail Lodevico

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